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Default The MOD SQUAD?

The Mod Squad is the user name for the Kamprats.com moderator/s.

Members selected by the Administrator use the Mod Squad to anonymously handle the task of website moderation. Selected moderators are not told who the other moderators are, and are randomly changed (maybe).

Moderators do not have to be logged on as members to access the mod squad, and several moderators may access it at one time.

Their job is to keep the site G-rated and orderly as they -INDIVIDUALLY- deem necessary. What may be okay for one moderator, may not be for another, so expect different limitations to be set. They might edit text for language or content, and sometimes delete posts individually or in blocks, as circumstances dictate. If threads go off topic or get muddied by useless clutter they may get cleaned up. The Mod Squad may post on occasion, to advise of trends or general housekeeping on the site.

Notices (if any) are sent at moderator discretion only. Moderator/s are not expected to justify their actions to anyone except the Administrator who is notified when it occurs.

All inquiries regarding moderation are to be sent via PM to the Mod Squad. They will be reviewed by the Administrator and the Mod Squad. A PM response will be made regarding the inquiry, and decisions will be final.

--PLEASE!!-- Do not take moderation personally.

It is necessary to keep the site orderly and family friendly. We all get modded at some time, for different reasons. All we ask is that -everyone- take note, adjust future posting accordingly, and don't make it an on-site issue.

REMEMBER: It's not about you, it's about the site.... We're all friends here, and modding doesn't change that.
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