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Cool Rhino hub stud fix

Did a DIY fixer on my rear Rhino hubs, and I thought I'd pass it along.

I spun two rear hub studs (10mm) and It looked like I was going to have to buy a new or used hub assembly. After whining about the cost of hub assemblies with potential same problems, I decided to see if I could cheap out on a reliable fix. I have a spacer bolted to my hub studs, and the wheels bolt onto the spacer studs. The rear spacers are always on, and the holes were 12mm.

What I did was knock out the hub studs, and I found the splines were 12mm diameter. I replaced them with 12mm allen head bolts with 1/2 inch drive flange wedge washers to serve as lug tapers for the spacers. Nylox nuts fastened them on the rhino side of the hubs.

There's no play or chance of spinning splines, the hub studs are now 12mm instead of 10mm and the hardware for both sides was about 2/3 the cost for one hub assembly.

And I didn't break anything!
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